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My drawing of a girl

Is it good?

Olympic Quiz

Hey 6NT,

This is my first post in age’s because of short time (watching TV)

Here’s my Olympic Quiz.

Q1) What is the colours of the five Olympic rings?

Q2) How many lanes does the race track have?

Q3) How many lanes does the Olympic swimming pool have?



Post answers at the bottom winner gets a lolly :)



look what i drew


Look what i made

Pocket Money…

Hi 6NT,

I was talking about pocket money with my mum and i was wondering if

any body in year 6 gets pocket money.

If you get pocket money how much per month or per week.


Shelton win the school league

hi 6nt shelton has won the school league yes!




My pokerchip British flag

Hey 6NT /BW,

Heres a picture of a British Flag I made  with Poker chips

 I think it looks like a British flag

What do you thnk?

Chocolate Chips!

Hey 6NT,

Now I’m going to tell you the best and most world class store to go to…Chocolate Chips. All you have to do is go to the hall on Friday the 4th of May and thier you have it the best stall in the whole world. With a chocolate chip cake at 20p and a biscuit at 10p they’re simply the best…WOW! What a bargain!  So to pick up some of these, visit the hall on Friday the 4th of May. BE THERE!

By Harry M.


come to the cookers there mouth watering biscuits and cakes are amazing you will love it so come to the cookers

Bake it Buy it!!!

Hey year 6, as you all know from asembely today Bake it Buy it is ‘simpley the best’ !! We have alot of things on offer so why not come to our stall!

What Fruit Are You?

Hey 6nt,i was just wondering,what fruit are you?

coconut:Hard on the outside nice and soft on the inside. 

lemon:sour and tangy(mean and selfish).

peach:soft and fragile.

Apple:straight .

Lime:coppies what the lemon does.

Rasberry:egsotic and sweet.

Plum:Looks harmless but has a hard core on the inside.



Wierd Woman!

Hi Y6,

Click on the link below and watch the video.

What do you think?

By Harry M.

P.S. Another wierd thing coming up soon.

Nearly the end of year 6 WOW!

Hey 6NT/BW,

WOW! Nearly the end of year 6 and of Shelton for the year6 anyway. But the fun dont end yet, We have :

The trip to France, Year 6 production, year 6 leaving assembly ( I know that I  have bet my Cousin that I wouldn’t cry, What about you?), Willows (SATs treat) , SATs.

And more I think, I cant remember them all.

So what are you going to miss about year6?


What Easter egg are you?

Hey 6NT,

It is the Easter holidays now so thaat meens EASTER EGGS !!!!!

Now I was wondering what Easter egg do you think you are?

Smarties – smart

Caremel – Careing

Plain (pure choclate) – Normal

Rolo – Sporty

Cream egg – lazy

Malteaser – Kind

I would say that I would be  Smarties,caremel, cream egg ,malteaser.

Which one do you think you are?