Tiger apples

So along with your Friday lessons with Miss Lee, you have also done a bit of metamorphosis with me.   Last week we used animals and our (friendly-ish) classmates as subjects.  This week it was the turn of a lonely apple and a tiger’s roar.  

Check out our results…(oh and I just snapped them really quickly so please help me with names -the red one is tigeriffic with Grrrrh :))  

[polldaddy poll=4782971]


Katie's tiger apple

Kloe's tiger apple

Emily's tiger apple

Iqra's tiger apple

Joseph's apple tiger

Antonio's tiger apple

Tayler's tiger apple


7 Responses to “Tiger apples”

  1. Mr_T says:

    Anyone for an apple?

  2. katie :D says:

    mines the bright reed apple and it says grrrrh! on it 😀

  3. kloex says:

    Mine is the 5th one down!! 😉

  4. Emily* says:

    mine is the 7th one down

  5. Mr_T says:

    Thank you ladies…as soon as the blog allows me to, I shall put your names on them

  6. iqra says:

    mine is the one that says tiger and apple on it and its the 10 one down

  7. tyla says:

    hey put on the lion and women drawings

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