Tiger apples

So along with your Friday lessons with Miss Lee, you have also done a bit of metamorphosis with me.   Last week we used animals and our (friendly-ish) classmates as subjects.  This week it was the turn of a lonely apple and a tiger’s roar.  

Check out our results…(oh and I just snapped them really quickly so please help me with names -the red one is tigeriffic with Grrrrh :))  

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IMG 0308 300x237 Tiger apples

Katie's tiger apple

IMG 03031 300x239 Tiger apples

Kloe's tiger apple

IMG 03011 300x224 Tiger apples

Emily's tiger apple

IMG 02981 300x224 Tiger apples

Iqra's tiger apple

Joseph1 224x300 Tiger apples

Joseph's apple tiger

Antonio1 224x300 Tiger apples

Antonio's tiger apple

Tayler 224x300 Tiger apples

Tayler's tiger apple

IMG 03051 224x300 Tiger applesIMG 03021 300x224 Tiger applesIMG 02991 300x224 Tiger applesIMG 03001 300x224 Tiger applesIMG 02971 224x300 Tiger applesIMG 02961 224x300 Tiger applesIMG 02951 224x300 Tiger applesIMG 02911 224x300 Tiger applesIMG 02941 224x300 Tiger applesIMG 0309 300x194 Tiger apples  

7 Responses to “Tiger apples”

  1. Mr_T says:

    Anyone for an apple?

  2. katie :D says:

    mines the bright reed apple and it says grrrrh! on it :D

  3. kloex says:

    Mine is the 5th one down!! ;)

  4. Emily* says:

    mine is the 7th one down

  5. Mr_T says:

    Thank you ladies…as soon as the blog allows me to, I shall put your names on them

  6. iqra says:

    mine is the one that says tiger and apple on it and its the 10 one down

  7. tyla says:

    hey put on the lion and women drawings

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