Bonus Question 6

Right my ‘quizzy rascal’ friends here are some maths questions for you to get your teeth into.   Yum yum.


A)       I decide to take a trip from Paris to America and have 160 Euros on me.  I go to the local money exchange bureau and I find the exchange rate is:

 1.43 Euros :  1.82 US dollars

 How much money in US dollars ($) do I now have?  (round you answer to the nearest dollar)

B)     (1) -4 + 10 =


          (2) -5 x -7 =

 C)      Leroy wants to buy a TV for £400.  He ummm and arrrrs about it and decides to go back next week to buy it.  Unbelievably the price had gone up 10% every day since.  He was only deciding for 7 days…how much does the TV cost now?

 D)      A recipe for vegetable curry needs 300 grams of rice, and it feeds 4 people. How much rice would be needed for 7 people?

Use a calculator and put some explanation down.  If you see some else has used the same method as you, mention that, but then see if you can use maths to calculate the answers a different way :)

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  1. Emily* says:

    C)would you times 400 by 0.7 which is 280 and then add that to 400 which would make it 680
    The answer Is 680
    D) I halved 300 (to find Out 2 people) added that to 300 which makes 450 that then serves 6 then I halved 150 because that’s what 2 is thats 75 then added that to 450 which makes 525g
    So for 7 people u would need 525g of rice
    I hope I am correct mr t
    They r the only ones I have done

  2. Clods says:

    A) Divide 160 by 1.43 which is 111.88811. Then times that by 1.82 which is 203.6236 and you would round that up to 204 dollars.
    B1) You would add to 4 to -4 so you have 0. Then add the remaining 6 onto 0 which is 6.
    B2) You would times -7 by-5 which is 35 because when you times 2 negitive numbers together it cancels out the negatives and turns positive.
    C) You would add on £40 to £400 because that is 10% so you have £440. Then you would add £44 onto £440 because that is 10% so you have £484. Then you would add on £48.40 onto £484 so you have £532.40 then carry on going until you have £779.48.
    D) You would divide 300 by 4 which is 75 and then times that by 7 which is 525 so you would need 525g to feed 7 people.

    So the answers are:

    A) 204 dollars
    B1) 6
    B2) 35
    C) £779.48
    D) 525g

  3. Clods says:

    Mr T im not sure about number 3 but my dad helped and said that you would add on the 10 percent of the numer you just found out not the original number but im not so sure and kind of think its 680 pounds

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