Show two

Wowzer…show two is here already 😀

Open the media player to listen to the show

[audio:|titles=Show Two] [audio:|titles=SHow 2 clip]

13 Responses to “Show two”

  1. Mr_T says:

    Girls…can you hear the difference between the 3rd song and the others?

  2. Emily* says:

    thats good mr t
    yeah i can tell the differance between songs
    i dont get it when i say all that about our first quiz and you only hear music and then it goes on to something else is that ment to happen just not sure??

    • Mr_T says:

      You have to guess the song clip that is really tiny…can you guess it???

      • Clods says:

        It sounds like a JLS song. Mr T most of the speaking that I did is all gone and someone else says it like Emily or Iqra- WHY!!!

        • Mr_T says:

          Song title please?

          And to answer your question…you had a squillion different recordings on the microphones and and so there were many different options. I took the best recording…a lot of the recordings were spoilt by the microphone being too close and so the speaking was distorted. So it is only by chance that you aren’t on there as much as you would have liked. Sorry :(

          Remember you can record little parts and then I can piece them together, that means if someone goes wrong you don’t have to start again. Why don’t you try each person having their own microphone…that might be easier(?) What do you think?

  3. Mr_T says:

    You also need an outro..which is like an intro…just obviously at the end

  4. chelsea says:

    is it eyes wide shut the song

  5. chelsea says:

    thanks mr t

  6. chloe w says:

    i think its justin bieber

  7. stefanya says:

    the birthday question is justin bieber i think

  8. Libby says:

    justin bieber 8)

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