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Pele or Messi

Hello 6NT today I have an interesting question for you.

If you could afford either Pele or Messi who would you buy and why? [when both players are playing there best.]



 Pele picture Pele or Messimessi Pele or Messi

by Harry M.

Holiday fun !!

Hiya everyone , 

This post is about the HOLIDAYS !!  What have you all been up to , gone away,slept over a friends house, been somewhere??

I am having a great holiday,  me ,libby and clodagh all went lazer quest yesterday at willows it was great. Also I have been to katrinas for a sleepover with katie,libby,clod and josie . I am going to twinlakes tommorow and clodagh is having a birthday party soon .


Let me know what your up too for the rest of the hols ,i bet your all doing or going somewhere amazing. Missing everyone from Shelton already but we can all keep in contact via blog and webmail. xx


holiday destinations india Holiday fun !!

School Dinners!

So school dinnes have changed i have heard there are a lot better than before! A lot of people have changed from sandwiches to dinners like Emily f and a few others but if you could change one thing what would it be and why? You could change the dinner or desert anything you want to so what will you choose? :/


Stefanya’s ideal job

hey peeps, well, say welcome, oh and to who?? TO ME!! i am blogging now!

Well, i was thinking, what shall i be when i am older? A singer, a dancer, a tv presenter? i just can’t decide there are so many possible ideas.

What I want to know is: what do you want to be when you are older and why?  Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Stefanya  icon razz Stefanyas ideal job newspaper jobs1 150x150 Stefanyas ideal job

What could it be ??

confused face 1 150x150 What could it be ??Another riddle :

What can you throw but you can’t catch ?

What could it be ?


Best Moments

So we will be leaving shelton in a few weeks and i was wondering :what have you most enjoyed , found entertaining and  your best memories .

 Also what teachers have you had over your shelton years (including the infants if you can) 1025610 logo Best Moments

let me know your thoughts and memories


guess the sweets!! nomnomnom!

so can you all remember my last post…………….. yes good i did that on chocolate now this i have done it with sweets so get ready to start guessing katie rox xxxxxxxxxxx1 300x132 guess the sweets!! nomnomnom!peeps……. good luck!! :)                katie icon biggrin guess the sweets!! nomnomnom!

big and small1 150x150 biggest to the smallest!!!In about 3 months we are all going to go to a secondary school!!!! Now your all probably thinking ” Were so cool cos were the oldest in the school !!” oh wait that rhymes !!! yeah but when your in year 7 your going to be the youngest !!And when you start senior school  your going to have older people there who are going to be much taller than us !! And there are going to be some tough people there and if you believe it or not at least 1 person will make fun of you !!!

There is more of everything in senior school : more people , more teachers , more WORK !!! , more classrooms and the best one of all … more option of food !!! ( at least some of us will be happy !) icon smile biggest to the smallest!!!

The little mouse in the picture can be us when we start secondary school !!! And the big elephant errm … lets just say one of the year 11 kids!!

iqra icon smile biggest to the smallest!!!

Your favourite!! :)

paid1 150x150 Your favourite!! :)
You’ve nearly spent 4 years at Shelton !!  I was thinking what has been your favourite moment and why?  Has there been a school trip or perhaps a funny moment in class?   Which teacher has made you smile?  Tell me your thoughts icon smile Your favourite!! :)
Iqra icon smile Your favourite!! :)

A million pounds in hand !!

If you had a million pounds what would you spend it on ?

  • on charity ?
  • on clothes ?
  • on your friends ?

iqra icon smile A million pounds in hand !!

million 150x150 A million pounds in hand !!

guess the chocolate bars!

so can you guess the different type of chocolate bars you may need to ask your mum and dad …… good luck!chocolae x 300x123 guess the chocolate bars!katie icon smile guess the chocolate bars!

Can you guess this ?

riddles picture7 300x229 Can you guess this ?for some i go fast ,

for some i go slow ,

To most people, I’m an obsession

relying on me is a well practiced lesson. What am I ?

Iqra icon smile Can you guess this ?

Leaving Shelton :(

Well we only have about 7 weeks left at shelton when we go back.

How do you feel about going off to seniors ?

What seniors are you going to?

Also how much are you going to miss shelton ?

Tell me what you think about it all .


check out your star signs

horoscopes maincontentback all check out your star signs

Click on it…it now works    Katie icon biggrin check out your star signs

what part would you like to play??????

midsummer 229x300 what part would you like to play??????so  you all know we are doing a play called: A MIDSUMMERS NIGHTS DREAM,

so tell me who you would llike to play the part of

katie icon biggrin what part would you like to play??????